Youth Coaching (17-23 year olds)

I work with young people who are making big decisions in their life. There is a widely held belief in many localities that ‘everyone’ goes to university. This can put a huge pressure on the individual who does not want to follow that path. Sometimes the feeling of ‘having’ to go on to higher education is because the parents or other significant members of the family have done so, and there is a feeling that the young person will be letting down themselves or their family by not going.

In the current climate of higher education being so expensive and destined to become even more so, there are teenagers who are wondering whether this is a debt that is truly worth taking on.  Others are keen to go to university but feel that this may not be the best way forward for them.

Whatever the situation, family and friends are not always the ones who are the most helpful. They have their own opinions, may have a vested interest (emotional or financial) and will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to take a step back and be truly impartial.

Working with me, the young person is given a completely confidential and non-judgemental amount of time and space to consider what it is they really want, and what is going to be best for them in the short and longer term. Together we look at what it is that excites them. What do they want to be, do and have in their life; and how can they progress forward to achieve that.

After making that big decision, we go on to look at the processes that they need to go through to achieve their new goal, taking manageable and exciting steps towards it.

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