What Is Coaching?

Coaching is for people who want a change. Life is full of goals many of which are easily achieved and usually quickly forgotten. For the challenging goals, coaching can move you forward more quickly than if you acted alone.

Challenging takes on many forms:

  • The goal and what you need to do may be manageable but you want to be sure that you have considered it from every angle. Maintaining the status quo or taking things from good to great takes time and consideration. Coaching gives you qualified time for this.

  • It may be that what you need to do to achieve the goal is too big and you have a feeling of overwhelm every time you think about it. Working with a coach will help you to break down the overarching goal into ‘bite sized chunks’ that are manageable for you. Prioritising, sorting and dismissing will be your choice. You are the expert in your life or business.

  • Occasionally the goal is not big enough and is therefore not pressing or exciting enough to follow through. Spending too long in the comfort zone can have a negative effect that leaves you lethargic and focused on small things that will not move you or your business forward. With the support of a coach you can find the ‘spark’ that is missing and get the excitement back in your life.

With your coach you will work out what is important to you, set clear, defined goals and look at where you are now. From there you will be supported to work out your options and decide which of them will best move you forward. Your coach will work with you to draw up a clear action plan that you will be able to follow, moving always towards that goal you set yourself.

The process is simple and effective. Some feel that they can ‘go it alone’ and do. The rest find that having a coach to listen, reflect back what is and isn’t being said and some accountability brings a clarity and focus that working on their own could never have achieved as swiftly, and in some cases at all!

When was the last time you had a good listening to? Your coach will not judge or chip in with their own story. This time is for and about you and entirely confidential.

Coaching is for everyone at different points in their life and business or career. Coaches often refer to their clients as ‘The Worried Well’. The decisions to be made may be life-changing ones that need careful consideration. Or they may be smaller but equally important in their potential impact.

LangSand Coaching is there to support you in putting your ‘Potential into Practice’.

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