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Aivars 25/02/2014
Dear Merete,  Thank you for your patience and opportunity to be coached by you. Every session ... [More]

Brainwaves 05/02/2014
It has been great working with Merete to put in place profiling to help us recruit the right people ... [More]

Ray Elliott Dip FA 03/02/2014
Merete is a beautifully genuine person who truly cares about what she delivers as a coach.  Merete ... [More]

Nick Briggs 26/09/2013
“Thank you very much for helping my daughter focus at a time when her illness was getting in the ... [More]

Paula Lyon-Lee 10/10/2012
I was at an all time low and was completely lost as to which way to turn and what I should be doing ... [More]

Orietta Ferraresi 05/08/2010
"I had a total of 6 sessions with Merete and she has helped me see things from different perspectives. ... [More]

Katie Jobbins (Brighton) 05/07/2009
"I am amazed at the difference that coaching makes. I knew what my goals were, but through my work with ... [More]

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