Business Coaching

  • Business owners find this as an invaluable part of their planning process.
  • Working closely together gains clarity and a plan for the way forward.
  • Realise the reality of a situation and regain the ‘spark’ that can be lost when overwhelm has set in.
  • Improving areas that cause dissatisfaction to the clients of your business.

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Youth Coaching

  • The coaching partnership involves setting goals and working on the reality surrounding them.
  • Options are considered and a clear and manageable way forward is decided.
  • Enjoy the challenges and progress forward in a calm and gentle manner.


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Personal Development

  • Support clients development across a wide range of issues, from time management through to confidence and major life choices.
  • Taking time out to make clear, informed decisions at key crossroads in life.



  • Public speaking and interview techniques.
  • Work with new coaches to provide them with a high standard of training and development in coaching.
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