Youth in transition - 07/06/2013

The Coaching Academy - Live training Accelerator Day

This really worthwhile Accelerator Day will focus on core issues such as identifying strengths and values, overcoming obstacles, decision-making, setting realistic goals, and boosting confidence.

When young people discover what they want in life and are able to set realistic and achievable goals, they will be more determined and focused, and take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions. Their motivation and confidence will soar. This not only applies when interacting with their peers but also when thinking about their education, relationships and planning their future career.

When you have completed this motivational Accelerator Day, you will have the understanding and ability to coach young people through some of their greatest challenges and to be able to provide them with the life-long skills and techniques that they can use to identify, face and overcome any obstacles and to reach any realistic goal they set.

Imagine the difference it would make to young people if they looked forward to the decisions they have to make because they are confident that they have the strategies and skills they need.

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